No Validation information can be found

no validation information found

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Devices Watermarked with this image, are a warning.

no validation information found

Medaval announces that where Blood Pressure Monitors  that have no validation information found (marked in red in the  device description, on this site), those devices are now watermarked with a question mark and a image from our logo.

This is to highlight that we cannot find any validation information for the device. This watermarking will be picked up by search engines over time, and will display this question watermarking across the image of the device from now on, indicating caution before making a purchase of the product.

We have been highlighting Non-Validated Devices for some time to allow for correction to the information we display and all corrections notified to us and verified have now been made.

Manufacturers who’s devices are not validated are encouraged to contact us for further assistance.

Consumers are cautioned against buying non validated medical devices.

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