The consumer side of the medical device industry has become a lottery.

Like so many of the companies here which sell devices as the Best This or the
Best That, or the Top this or the Top That
etc, etc.. the search engine had a large part to play in how you get to the site, in the first instance, which in turn has nothing to do with the Best This or That

How can it be, when they have no scientific proof behind the claims, and if they had, you would be given all the references under the sun, but you get neither, just the rhetoric and the proverbial

Disclaimers (which we never read as they are so small)

Hence why we say the ‘the medical device industry has become a lottery for consumers.

Assurance and peace of mind that the device you buy is in fact accurate must be the primary reason to buy, nothing else. Extra features on a accurate device are great, but on a inaccurate device, they are just junk.

The old saying still rings through. “Garbage in, is Garbage out”. Buyer beware..


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