Best Star-Rated Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors for Self Measurement and Home Use

These monitors have been clinically validated in a general population.

Medaval certification is awarded only to devices with the most accurate measurement technology. For accreditation, proof of validation and adherence to international standards is scrutinised by Medaval with independent peer-review.

Warning: Wrist monitor accuracy requires strict adherence to manufacturer instructions. If the monitor is not positioned correctly, the results can be very inaccurate.

★★★★★  Certified 5-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★★
Microlife BP W2 Slim ImageMicrolife BP W2 Slim Omron RS3 (HEM-6130-E) ImageOmron RS3 (HEM-6130-E)
★★★★  Certified 4-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★
A&D UB-543 ImageA&D UB-543 Omron RS6 (HEM-6221-E) ImageOmron RS6 (HEM-6221-E)
Honsun Scian LD-735 ImageHonsun Scian LD-735 Omron RS8 (HEM-6310F-E) ImageOmron RS8 (HEM-6310F-E)
iHealth Sense BP7 (KD-972) ImageiHealth Sense BP7 (KD-972)   
★★★  3-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★
Grandway G.LAB MD2200 ImageGrandway G.LAB MD2200 Omron RS1 (HEM-6120-D) ImageOmron RS1 (HEM-6120-D)
Grandway G.LAB MD2231 ImageGrandway G.LAB MD2231 PangaO PG-800A36 ImagePangaO PG-800A36
★★  2-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★
A&D UB-542 ImageA&D UB-542 Omron HEM-9600T ImageOmron HEM-9600T
Avita BPM15 ImageAvita BPM15 Omron HEM‐6410T‐ZL ImageOmron HEM‐6410T‐ZL
Braun Vitalscan 1 (BBP-2000) ImageBraun Vitalscan 1 (BBP-2000) Omron HEM‐6410T‐ZM ImageOmron HEM‐6410T‐ZM
Maisense Freescan BPM-490 ImageMaisense Freescan BPM-490 Omron R3 (HEM-6021-E) ImageOmron R3 (HEM-6021-E)
Microlife BP W100 (BP 3MK1-3) ImageMicrolife BP W100 (BP 3MK1-3) Omron R3-I Plus (HEM-6022-E) ImageOmron R3-I Plus (HEM-6022-E)
Omron HEM-6181 ImageOmron HEM-6181 PangaO PG-800A11 ImagePangaO PG-800A11
Omron HEM-6232T ImageOmron HEM-6232T Rossmax S150 ImageRossmax S150
★  1-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★
Braun BPW-4100 ImageBraun BPW-4100 Omron R6 (HEM-6000-E7) ImageOmron R6 (HEM-6000-E7)
Braun Vitalscan 5 (BPW-4300) ImageBraun Vitalscan 5 (BPW-4300) Omron R6 (HEM-6052-2) ImageOmron R6 (HEM-6052-2)
H&L HL168JD ImageH&L HL168JD Omron R7 (HEM-637-E7) ImageOmron R7 (HEM-637-E7)
Hartmann Tensoval Mobil IV ImageHartmann Tensoval Mobil IV Pic Solution Self Check ImagePic Solution Self Check
Kingyield BP-210 ImageKingyield BP-210 Pic Solution Travel Check ImagePic Solution Travel Check
Medel Replay ImageMedel Replay SensaCare SAW-102 ImageSensaCare SAW-102
Omron 637IT (HEM-637IT-E) ImageOmron 637IT (HEM-637IT-E) Transtek TMB-988 ImageTranstek TMB-988
Omron MIT (HEM-751-E) ImageOmron MIT (HEM-751-E) Visocor HM40 ImageVisocor HM40
Omron R2 (HEM-6113-E) ImageOmron R2 (HEM-6113-E) Visomat Handy ImageVisomat Handy
Omron R5-I (HEM-630-E) ImageOmron R5-I (HEM-630-E)