Blood Pressure Monitors Validated for Pregnancy

These monitors have been clinically validated in pregnancy and related conditions.

Medaval certification is awarded only to devices with the most accurate measurement technology. For accreditation, proof of validation and adherence to international standards is scrutinised by Medaval with independent peer-review.

★★★★★  Certified 5-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★★
iHealth Feel BP5 ImageiHealth Feel BP5   
★★★★  Certified 4-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★
Andon KD-5917 ImageAndon KD-5917 Omron BP760N (HEM-7320-Z) ImageOmron BP760N (HEM-7320-Z)
Andon KD-5965 ImageAndon KD-5965   
★★★  3-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★
Microlife WatchBP Office (Twin200) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office (Twin200) Omron HEM-9210T ImageOmron HEM-9210T
Microlife WatchBP Office ABI (Twin200 ABI) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office ABI (Twin200 ABI) Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E) ImageOmron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E)
Omron Evolv (HEM-7600T-E) ImageOmron Evolv (HEM-7600T-E)   
★★  2-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★
A&D UM-101 ImageA&D UM-101 Microlife BP A100 ImageMicrolife BP A100
Andon KD-5031 ImageAndon KD-5031 Petr Telegin BpLab ImagePetr Telegin BpLab
Andon KD-595 ImageAndon KD-595   
★  1-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★
Andon KD-5915 ImageAndon KD-5915 Microlife WatchBP Office Central (Twin200 CBP) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office Central (Twin200 CBP)
Microlife BP 3AS1-2 ImageMicrolife BP 3AS1-2 Nissei DS-400 ImageNissei DS-400
Microlife BP 3BT0-A ImageMicrolife BP 3BT0-A Omron HEM-907 (HEM-907-E7) ImageOmron HEM-907 (HEM-907-E7)
Microlife BP A100 Plus ImageMicrolife BP A100 Plus Spacelabs 90207 ImageSpacelabs 90207
Microlife WatchBP Home (BP 3MX1-1) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Home (BP 3MX1-1)   
  Other Validated Blood Pressure Monitors  
Dinamap ProCare 400 ImageDinamap ProCare 400 Omron T9P ImageOmron T9P
iHealth Track (KN-550BT) ImageiHealth Track (KN-550BT) PAR Physio-Port UP ImagePAR Physio-Port UP
Omron M6 Comfort IT (HEM-7322U-E) ImageOmron M6 Comfort IT (HEM-7322U-E) Suntech Advantage 2 ImageSuntech Advantage 2
Omron MIT Elite (HEM-7300-WE7) ImageOmron MIT Elite (HEM-7300-WE7)   
   Blood Pressure Monitors with a possible MDR Equivalence to a Validated Device  
A&D UM-102A ImageA&D UM-102A Microlife BP A3 Basic ImageMicrolife BP A3 Basic
A&D UM-102B ImageA&D UM-102B Microlife BP A6 PC (aka A6 Plus, A6 Basic) ImageMicrolife BP A6 PC (aka A6 Plus, A6 Basic)
Andon BM-091 ImageAndon BM-091 Microlife WatchBP Home A (BP 3MX1-3) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Home A (BP 3MX1-3)
Andon KD-5001 ImageAndon KD-5001 Microlife WatchBP Home A BT (BP 3MX1-3C) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Home A BT (BP 3MX1-3C)
Andon KD-556 ImageAndon KD-556 Microlife WatchBP Home S (BP 3MX1-5) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Home S (BP 3MX1-5)
Andon KD-557 ImageAndon KD-557 Microlife WatchBP Office 2G (BP 3SK1-3B) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office 2G (BP 3SK1-3B)
Andon KD-558 ImageAndon KD-558 Microlife WatchBP Office AFib (Twin200 AFS) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office AFib (Twin200 AFS)
Andon KD-558BR ImageAndon KD-558BR Microlife WatchBP Office Target (BP 3MD1-4) ImageMicrolife WatchBP Office Target (BP 3MD1-4)
Andon KD-5901 ImageAndon KD-5901 Nissei DS-500 ImageNissei DS-500
Andon KD-5902 ImageAndon KD-5902 Omron 708-BT (HEM-7081-ITE) ImageOmron 708-BT (HEM-7081-ITE)
Andon KD-5905 ImageAndon KD-5905 Omron BP742 (HEM-7200-Z) ImageOmron BP742 (HEM-7200-Z)
Andon KD-5909 ImageAndon KD-5909 Omron BP760 (HEM-7220-Z) ImageOmron BP760 (HEM-7220-Z)
Andon KD-5918 ImageAndon KD-5918 Omron BP785 (HEM-7222-Z) ImageOmron BP785 (HEM-7222-Z)
Andon KD-5920 ImageAndon KD-5920 Omron BP7900 (HEM-7530T-Z) ImageOmron BP7900 (HEM-7530T-Z)
Andon KD-5923 ImageAndon KD-5923 Omron HEM-7600T ImageOmron HEM-7600T
Andon KD-5961 ImageAndon KD-5961 Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7155-E) ImageOmron M3 Comfort (HEM-7155-E)
Andon KD-5962 ImageAndon KD-5962 Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7321-E) ImageOmron M6 Comfort (HEM-7321-E)
Braun ExactFit 1 (BUA-5000) ImageBraun ExactFit 1 (BUA-5000) Omron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7320) ImageOmron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7320)
Desa Pharma Tecnico Easy ImageDesa Pharma Tecnico Easy Omron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7322T-E) ImageOmron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7322T-E)
iHealth Neo BP5S ImageiHealth Neo BP5S Omron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7361T-EBK) ImageOmron M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7361T-EBK)
Microlife BP 3AC1-AP ImageMicrolife BP 3AC1-AP Omron X4 Smart (HEM-7155T-ESL) ImageOmron X4 Smart (HEM-7155T-ESL)
Microlife BP 3AC1-PC ImageMicrolife BP 3AC1-PC Omron X7 Smart (HEM-7361T-ESL) ImageOmron X7 Smart (HEM-7361T-ESL)
Microlife BP 3BT0-A (2) ImageMicrolife BP 3BT0-A (2) Riester RBP-100 ImageRiester RBP-100
Microlife BP 3BT0-AP ImageMicrolife BP 3BT0-AP Riester ri-champion N ImageRiester ri-champion N
Microlife BP A1 Easy (BP 3GR1-1P) ImageMicrolife BP A1 Easy (BP 3GR1-1P) Salter BPA-9200-GB ImageSalter BPA-9200-GB
Microlife BP A2 Basic (BP 3GQ1-3P) ImageMicrolife BP A2 Basic (BP 3GQ1-3P) Welch Allyn ProBP 2400 ImageWelch Allyn ProBP 2400
   Blood Pressure Monitors being Audited  
Beurer BM 47 ImageBeurer BM 47