Best Star Rated Blood Pressure Monitors

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Medaval certification is awarded only to devices with the most accurate measurement technology.
The list is not complete and will be updated as more devices are assessed.

These monitors have been clinically validated in a general population.

Note: Wrist monitor accuracy requires strict adherence to manufacturer instructions. If the monitor is not positioned correctly, the results can be very inaccurate.

★★★★  Certified 4-Star and 5-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★
A&D UA-651 Image A&D UA-651   Omron BP765 (HEM-7311-ZSA) Image Omron BP765 (HEM-7311-ZSA)
A&D UB-543 Image A&D UB-543   Omron HEM-7130 Image Omron HEM-7130
Andon KD-5851 Image Andon KD-5851   Omron HEM-7251G Image Omron HEM-7251G
Andon KD-5917 Image Andon KD-5917   Omron HEM-7252G-HP Image Omron HEM-7252G-HP
Andon KD-5965 Image Andon KD-5965   Omron HEM-7320F Image Omron HEM-7320F
Avita BPM63S Image Avita BPM63S   Omron HEM-7500F Image Omron HEM-7500F
BIOS Precision 8.0 (BD215) Image BIOS Precision 8.0 (BD215)   Omron RS3 (HEM-6130-E) Image Omron RS3 (HEM-6130-E)
Custo Med custo screen 400 Image Custo Med custo screen 400   Omron RS6 (HEM-6221-E) Image Omron RS6 (HEM-6221-E)
Honsun Scian LD-735 Image Honsun Scian LD-735   Omron RS8 (HEM-6310F-E) Image Omron RS8 (HEM-6310F-E)
iHealth BP3 (KD-931) Image iHealth BP3 (KD-931)   PangaO PG-800B11 Image PangaO PG-800B11
iHealth Feel BP5 Image iHealth Feel BP5   PangaO PG-800B5-1 Image PangaO PG-800B5-1
iHealth Sense BP7 (KD-972) Image iHealth Sense BP7 (KD-972)   PangaO PG-800B68 Image PangaO PG-800B68
Microlife BP W2 Slim Image Microlife BP W2 Slim   Rossmax CF175f Image Rossmax CF175f
Omron BP760N (HEM-7320-Z) Image Omron BP760N (HEM-7320-Z)   Visomat Double Comfort Image Visomat Double Comfort
★★★  3-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★
Andon KD-5031 Image Andon KD-5031   Omron i-C10 (HEM-7070-E) Image Omron i-C10 (HEM-7070-E)
Andon KD-556 Image Andon KD-556   Omron IA2 Image Omron IA2
Andon KD-5913 Image Andon KD-5913   Omron M10-IT (HEM-7080IT-E) Image Omron M10-IT (HEM-7080IT-E)
Andon KD-5915 Image Andon KD-5915   Omron M2 (HEM-7117-E) Image Omron M2 (HEM-7117-E)
Andon KD-5963 Image Andon KD-5963   Omron M2 (HEM-7119-E(V)) Image Omron M2 (HEM-7119-E(V))
Andon KD-5971 Image Andon KD-5971   Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E) Image Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E)
Beurer BM-44 Image Beurer BM-44   Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E2(V)) Image Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E2(V))
Beurer BM-47 Image Beurer BM-47   Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E8(V)) Image Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E8(V))
Beurer BM-58 Image Beurer BM-58   Omron M3 (HEM-7200-E) Image Omron M3 (HEM-7200-E)
Beurer BM-65 Image Beurer BM-65   Omron M3 (HEM-7200-E8) Image Omron M3 (HEM-7200-E8)
Beurer SBM-43 Image Beurer SBM-43   Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E) Image Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E)
Grandway G.LAB MD2200 Image Grandway G.LAB MD2200   Omron M3 Intellisense (HEM-7051-E) Image Omron M3 Intellisense (HEM-7051-E)
Grandway G.LAB MD2231 Image Grandway G.LAB MD2231   Omron M4-I (HEM-752-E) Image Omron M4-I (HEM-752-E)
Grandway G.LAB MD2680 Image Grandway G.LAB MD2680   Omron M6 (HEM-7001-E) Image Omron M6 (HEM-7001-E)
Grandway MD2301 Image Grandway MD2301   Omron M6 (HEM-7211-E) Image Omron M6 (HEM-7211-E)
Medel Check (V1) Image Medel Check (V1)   Omron M6 (HEM-7211-E8) Image Omron M6 (HEM-7211-E8)
Medel Elite Image Medel Elite   Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7000-E) Image Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7000-E)
Microlife BP 3AS1-2 Image Microlife BP 3AS1-2   Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7221-E) Image Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7221-E)
Microlife WatchBP O3 (BP 3MZ1-1) Image Microlife WatchBP O3 (BP 3MZ1-1)   Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7221-E8) Image Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7221-E8)
Microlife WatchBP Office (Twin200) Image Microlife WatchBP Office (Twin200)   Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7223-E) Image Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7223-E)
Microlife WatchBP Office AFib (Twin200 AFS) Image Microlife WatchBP Office AFib (Twin200 AFS)   Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7321-E) Image Omron M6 Comfort (HEM-7321-E)
Nissei DM-3000 Image Nissei DM-3000   Omron M6 Comfort IT (HEM-7322U-E) Image Omron M6 Comfort IT (HEM-7322U-E)
Omron 705CP-II (HEM-759-E2) Image Omron 705CP-II (HEM-759-E2)   Omron M7 (HEM-780-E) Image Omron M7 (HEM-780-E)
Omron 705IT (HEM-759-E) Image Omron 705IT (HEM-759-E)   Omron RS1 (HEM-6120-D) Image Omron RS1 (HEM-6120-D)
Omron BP760 (HEM-7220-Z) Image Omron BP760 (HEM-7220-Z)   PangaO PG-800A36 Image PangaO PG-800A36
Omron BP785 (HEM-7222-Z) Image Omron BP785 (HEM-7222-Z)   PangaO PG-800B26 Image PangaO PG-800B26
Omron Evolv (HEM-7600T-E) Image Omron Evolv (HEM-7600T-E)   Pic Solution Digit Extra Image Pic Solution Digit Extra
Omron HEM-7051 (HEM-7051-SH) Image Omron HEM-7051 (HEM-7051-SH)   Pic Solution Digit Smart Image Pic Solution Digit Smart
Omron HEM-7080IC Image Omron HEM-7080IC   Visomat Comfort E (v2) Image Visomat Comfort E (v2)
★★  2-star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★
A&D TM-2430 Image A&D TM-2430   Microlife BP A6 PC Image Microlife BP A6 PC
A&D TM-2441 Image A&D TM-2441   Microlife BP W100 (BP 3MK1-3) Image Microlife BP W100 (BP 3MK1-3)
A&D UA-1020 Image A&D UA-1020   Microlife WatchBP Home (BP 3MX1-1) Image Microlife WatchBP Home (BP 3MX1-1)
A&D UA-1200BLE Image A&D UA-1200BLE   Microlife WatchBP Home A (BP 3MX1-3) Image Microlife WatchBP Home A (BP 3MX1-3)
A&D UB-542 Image A&D UB-542   Microlife WatchBP Home N (BP 3MX1-4) Image Microlife WatchBP Home N (BP 3MX1-4)
A&D UM-101 Image A&D UM-101   Microlife WatchBP Office ABI (Twin200 ABI) Image Microlife WatchBP Office ABI (Twin200 ABI)
A&D UM-201 Image A&D UM-201   Microlife WatchBP Office Target (BP 3MD1-4) Image Microlife WatchBP Office Target (BP 3MD1-4)
A&D UM-211 Image A&D UM-211   Nissei DS-400 Image Nissei DS-400
Accoson Greenlight 300 Image Accoson Greenlight 300   Nissei DS-500 Image Nissei DS-500
Accutension BP Kit (XYZ-110) Image Accutension BP Kit (XYZ-110)   Omron HBP-1100 (HBP-1100-E) Image Omron HBP-1100 (HBP-1100-E)
Andon KD-595 Image Andon KD-595   Omron HBP-1300 (HBP-1300-E) Image Omron HBP-1300 (HBP-1300-E)
Avita BPM-64 Image Avita BPM-64   Omron HEM-7250-IT Image Omron HEM-7250-IT
Avita BPM15 Image Avita BPM15   Omron HEM-7420 Image Omron HEM-7420
Avita BPM17 Image Avita BPM17   Omron HEM-9210T Image Omron HEM-9210T
Beneware 24h-ABPM (ABP-021) Image Beneware 24h-ABPM (ABP-021)   Omron M400 (HEM-7131-D) Image Omron M400 (HEM-7131-D)
Beurer BM-60 Image Beurer BM-60   Omron M500 (HEM-7321-D) Image Omron M500 (HEM-7321-D)
Bpump BF-1112 Image Bpump BF-1112   Omron MIT (HEM-751-E) Image Omron MIT (HEM-751-E)
Braun Vitalscan 1 (BBP-2000) Image Braun Vitalscan 1 (BBP-2000)   Omron MX3 Plus (HEM-742-E) Image Omron MX3 Plus (HEM-742-E)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Image Datascope Accutorr Plus   Omron R3 (HEM-6021-E) Image Omron R3 (HEM-6021-E)
ERKA. Erkameter 125 PRO Image ERKA. Erkameter 125 PRO   Omron R3-I Plus (HEM-6022-E) Image Omron R3-I Plus (HEM-6022-E)
Exxer Aortic Image Exxer Aortic   Panasonic EW-3106 Image Panasonic EW-3106
Fukuda Denshi DS-7000 Image Fukuda Denshi DS-7000   PangaO PG-800A11 Image PangaO PG-800A11
Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control Image Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control   PAR Tonoport VI Image PAR Tonoport VI
Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control II Image Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control II   Petr Telegin BpLab Image Petr Telegin BpLab
IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG Image IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG   Polygreen KP-7670 Image Polygreen KP-7670
iHealth CardioMed (ABP100) Image iHealth CardioMed (ABP100)   Qardio QardioArm A100 Image Qardio QardioArm A100
Konsung QD-217A Image Konsung QD-217A   Rising Sun RS-651 Image Rising Sun RS-651
Maisense Freescan BPM-490 Image Maisense Freescan BPM-490   Rossmax Medicare 100f Image Rossmax Medicare 100f
Medipro MC-100F Image Medipro MC-100F   Rossmax S150 Image Rossmax S150
Medisana MTP Plus (51044) Image Medisana MTP Plus (51044)   Sejoy BP-1307 Image Sejoy BP-1307
Microlife BP 3AG1 Image Microlife BP 3AG1   Somno Somnotouch NIBP (TON100) Image Somno Somnotouch NIBP (TON100)
Microlife BP 3BT0-1 Image Microlife BP 3BT0-1   SpaceLabs 90217 Image SpaceLabs 90217
Microlife BP 3BT0-A Image Microlife BP 3BT0-A   Suntech Centron cBP301 Image Suntech Centron cBP301
Microlife BP 3BT0-A (2) Image Microlife BP 3BT0-A (2)   SunTech CT40 Image SunTech CT40
Microlife BP 3BT0-AP Image Microlife BP 3BT0-AP   Transtek LS808-B Image Transtek LS808-B
Microlife BP A1 Easy (BP 3GR1-1P) Image Microlife BP A1 Easy (BP 3GR1-1P)   Transtek TMB-1491 Image Transtek TMB-1491
Microlife BP A100 Image Microlife BP A100   Welch Allyn ProBP-2000 Image Welch Allyn ProBP-2000
Microlife BP A100 Plus Image Microlife BP A100 Plus   Withings BP-800 Image Withings BP-800
Microlife BP A2 Basic (BP 3GQ1-3P) Image Microlife BP A2 Basic (BP 3GQ1-3P)   Yuwell YE-690A Image Yuwell YE-690A
★  1-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★
A&D TM-2656 Image A&D TM-2656   Omron HBP-T105 Image Omron HBP-T105
A&D UA-851 Image A&D UA-851   Omron HEM-1020 Image Omron HEM-1020
A&D UA-852 Image A&D UA-852   Omron HEM-705CP (V2) Image Omron HEM-705CP (V2)
A&D UA-853 Image A&D UA-853   Omron HEM-706 Image Omron HEM-706
A&D UA-854 Image A&D UA-854   Omron HEM-7101 (HEM-7101-SH) Image Omron HEM-7101 (HEM-7101-SH)
A&D UA-855 Image A&D UA-855   Omron HEM-711DLX Image Omron HEM-711DLX
Andon KD-391 Image Andon KD-391   Omron HEM-742 Image Omron HEM-742
Artsana (Pic Solution) CS-410 Image Artsana (Pic Solution) CS-410   Omron HEM-907 (HEM-907-E7) Image Omron HEM-907 (HEM-907-E7)
Beurer BM-35 Image Beurer BM-35   Omron HEM-907XL (HEM-907-Z2) Image Omron HEM-907XL (HEM-907-Z2)
BIOS Precision 4.0 (BD204) Image BIOS Precision 4.0 (BD204)   Omron i-Q132 SpotArm (HEM-1010-E) Image Omron i-Q132 SpotArm (HEM-1010-E)
BpTru BPM-100 Image BpTru BPM-100   Omron M2 Compact (HEM-7102-E) Image Omron M2 Compact (HEM-7102-E)
Braun BP-1700 Image Braun BP-1700   Omron M3 Basic II Image Omron M3 Basic II
Braun BP-1750 Image Braun BP-1750   Omron M300 (HEM-7121-D) Image Omron M300 (HEM-7121-D)
Braun BP-4900 Image Braun BP-4900   Omron M4 Plus II Image Omron M4 Plus II
Braun BP-5900 Image Braun BP-5900   Omron M5-I (HEM-757-E) Image Omron M5-I (HEM-757-E)
Braun BPW-4100 Image Braun BPW-4100   Omron MIT Elite Plus (HEM-7301-ITKE7) Image Omron MIT Elite Plus (HEM-7301-ITKE7)
Braun ExactFit 3 (BP-6000) Image Braun ExactFit 3 (BP-6000)   Omron MX2 Basic (HEM-742-E2) Image Omron MX2 Basic (HEM-742-E2)
Braun ExactFit 3 (BP-6100) Image Braun ExactFit 3 (BP-6100)   Omron R2 (HEM-6113-E) Image Omron R2 (HEM-6113-E)
Braun ExactFit 5 (BP-6200) Image Braun ExactFit 5 (BP-6200)   Omron R5-I (HEM-630-E) Image Omron R5-I (HEM-630-E)
Braun Vitalscan 5 (BPW-4300) Image Braun Vitalscan 5 (BPW-4300)   Omron R6 (HEM-6000-E7) Image Omron R6 (HEM-6000-E7)
Braun VitalScan Plus (BP-1650) Image Braun VitalScan Plus (BP-1650)   Omron R6 (HEM-6052-2) Image Omron R6 (HEM-6052-2)
Cardiette BP One Image Cardiette BP One   Omron R7 (HEM-637-E7) Image Omron R7 (HEM-637-E7)
Citizen CH-432B Image Citizen CH-432B   Omron R7 (HEM-637-IT) Image Omron R7 (HEM-637-IT)
Citizen CH-452 Image Citizen CH-452   Oregon BPU 330 Image Oregon BPU 330
Citizen CH-461C Image Citizen CH-461C   Panasonic EW-3109 Image Panasonic EW-3109
Citizen CH-463E Image Citizen CH-463E   Panasonic EW-BU15 Image Panasonic EW-BU15
Citizen CH-656C Image Citizen CH-656C   Pic Solution Classic Check Image Pic Solution Classic Check
EnviteC PhysioQuant ABPM (45-00-0500) Image EnviteC PhysioQuant ABPM (45-00-0500)   Pic Solution Comfort Check Image Pic Solution Comfort Check
Fukuda Denshi FM-800 Image Fukuda Denshi FM-800   Pic Solution Daily Check Image Pic Solution Daily Check
GE Dash 4000 Image GE Dash 4000   Pic Solution Help Check Image Pic Solution Help Check
H&L HL168JD Image H&L HL168JD   Pic Solution My Check Image Pic Solution My Check
H&L HL868BA Image H&L HL868BA   Pic Solution One Check Image Pic Solution One Check
H&L HL888HA Image H&L HL888HA   Pic Solution Personal Check Image Pic Solution Personal Check
Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Image Hartmann Tensoval Comfort   Pic Solution Professional Check Image Pic Solution Professional Check
Hartmann Tensoval Mobil IV Image Hartmann Tensoval Mobil IV   Pic Solution Self Check Image Pic Solution Self Check
HealthSTATS BPro Image HealthSTATS BPro   Pic Solution Travel Check Image Pic Solution Travel Check
HoMedics BPA-540 Image HoMedics BPA-540   Rossmax Mandaus II (GA102) Image Rossmax Mandaus II (GA102)
Honsun Scian LD-578 Image Honsun Scian LD-578   Rossmax ME701 Image Rossmax ME701
IEM Tel-O-Graph BT Image IEM Tel-O-Graph BT   SensaCare SAW-102 Image SensaCare SAW-102
IEM Tel-O-Graph GSM Image IEM Tel-O-Graph GSM   SpaceLabs 90207 Image SpaceLabs 90207
Kingyield BP-101H Image Kingyield BP-101H   Spengler Pro M Image Spengler Pro M
Kingyield BP-210 Image Kingyield BP-210   Suntech 247 Image Suntech 247
Lloyds BP11 Image Lloyds BP11   Suntech Oscar 2 Image Suntech Oscar 2
Medel Replay Image Medel Replay   Tiba Ambulo 2400 Image Tiba Ambulo 2400
Medisana MTD Image Medisana MTD   Transtek TMB-986 Image Transtek TMB-986
Medisana MTX (51083) Image Medisana MTX (51083)   Transtek TMB-988 Image Transtek TMB-988
Microlife BP 3AC1-1 Image Microlife BP 3AC1-1   Visocor HM40 Image Visocor HM40
Microlife BP 3AC1-1 PC Image Microlife BP 3AC1-1 PC   Visomat Comfort 20-40 (v2) Image Visomat Comfort 20-40 (v2)
Microlife BP 3AC1-2 Image Microlife BP 3AC1-2   Visomat Comfort Eco (v2) Image Visomat Comfort Eco (v2)
Microlife WatchBP Office Central (Twin200 CBP) Image Microlife WatchBP Office Central (Twin200 CBP)   Visomat Comfort Form (v1) Image Visomat Comfort Form (v1)
Nihon-Kohden Vismo PVM-2701 Image Nihon-Kohden Vismo PVM-2701   Visomat Handy Image Visomat Handy
Omron Elite 7300W (HEM-7300-EZ) Image Omron Elite 7300W (HEM-7300-EZ)   Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 (34XXHT-B) Image Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 (34XXHT-B)