Best Star-Rated Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

These monitors have been clinically validated in a general population.

Medaval certification is awarded only to devices with the most accurate measurement technology. For accreditation, proof of validation and adherence to international standards is scrutinised by Medaval with independent peer-review.

★★★★★  Certified 5-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★★
Novacor Diasys 3 ImageNovacor Diasys 3 Novacor Diasys 3 Plus ImageNovacor Diasys 3 Plus
★★★★  Certified 4-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★★★
Custo Med custo screen 400 ImageCusto Med custo screen 400   
★★  2-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★★
A&D TM-2441 ImageA&D TM-2441 Microlife WatchBP O3 Ambulatory (2G) (BP 3SZ1-1) ImageMicrolife WatchBP O3 Ambulatory (2G) (BP 3SZ1-1)
Beneware 24h-ABPM (ABP-021) ImageBeneware 24h-ABPM (ABP-021) PAR Tonoport VI ImagePAR Tonoport VI
Hingmed WBP-02A Hospital ImageHingmed WBP-02A Hospital Petr Telegin BpLab ImagePetr Telegin BpLab
iHealth CardioMed (ABP100) ImageiHealth CardioMed (ABP100) Somno Somnotouch NIBP (TON100) ImageSomno Somnotouch NIBP (TON100)
Meditech ABPM-06 ImageMeditech ABPM-06 Spacelabs OnTrak (90227) ImageSpacelabs OnTrak (90227)
★  1-Star Blood Pressure Monitors  ★
A&D TM-2430 ImageA&D TM-2430 Spacelabs 90207 ImageSpacelabs 90207
IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG ImageIEM Mobil-O-Graph NG Spacelabs 90217 ImageSpacelabs 90217
Microlife WatchBP O3 (BP 3MZ1-1) ImageMicrolife WatchBP O3 (BP 3MZ1-1) Suntech Oscar 2 ImageSuntech Oscar 2